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Two shockingly recurring problems (Peter Hruschka und Gernot Starke)

Developing Software architectures is a demanding task that is usually quite rewarding (aka “fun”).

The whole thing would be even better, if somebody told the development team what exact problem they are supposed to solve. In other words: Teams urgently need better requirements as the basis of their development work.

The second recurring issue is legacy, existing systems which are hard to maintain and operate, and carry a heavy load of technical and organizational debt. In other words: These existing systems are in serious need of improvements, to become maintainable and future-proof.

Our brief and fast-paced tutorial summarizes some important and pragmatic approaches that architects and development teams can follow to improve their requirements. In addition, we demonstrate the fundamental techniques and methods for architecture improvement, technology-agnostic and applicable to all kinds of development projects.

(We gave this talk on the iSAQB Software Architecture Gathering November 2022)

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Im Stich gelassen (Gernot Starke mit Daniel Lauxtermann)

Warum wir und als Software-Team um bessere Anforderungen kümmern sollten - und wie!

Vortrag von Daniel und Gernot bei der Softwerkskammer Köln, Juni 2021

The Art of Software Reviews

OOP 2021 (online), Gernot Starke

Methodisches Vorgehen bei Software Reviews, beginnend bei den konkreten Zielen, dem Scope sowie den notwendigen Personen.

Anschliessend schauen wir in Breitensuche auf verschiedene Bereiche, wie Code, Architektur, Betrieb, Tests und so weiter.

How to explain your architecture using arc42

Java User Group (Tirana, Albania), online presentation by Gernot Starke, Dec. 2020

How do you explain your software architecture to fellow developers, management or other stakeholders? arc42 promises „painless documentation“ - and in this talk Dr. Gernot Starke will show you how that works in practice:

Together we’ll have a look at effective usage of the arc42 documentation and communication template. We cover several parts by explaining examples, and discuss how to introduce arc42 into your project.

The Rise, The Ruin and The Rescue

Software Architecture Conference, Berlin 2019

Developers and architects spend most of their time adding features to their products (so-called maintenance) and are often annoyed about the many deficits of these systems: even supposedly simple things are becoming incredibly difficult with these legacy systems, and the time to market is getting worse and worse as business calls for more and more features. It’s rare to find time to reduce technical debt and clean up increasingly messy dependencies.

Gernot Starke explores possibilities to systematically escape legacy hell and reduce technical and other debt in your systems. You’ll learn strategical and tactical improvement approaches you can scale to fit your actual situation. Gernot explains each of the approaches based on a (not very hypothetical) large-scale ecommerce system. You’ll hear about the rise, decline, and rescue of that system.

Hände waschen, Zähne putzen: Vergessene Grundlagen

Gernot Starke, OOP 2018

Manchmal vergessene Grundlagen des Software Engineerings - von Modularität, Komplexität, KISS, Kopplung und anderen Tatorten…

Hitchhikers Guide to Architecture Documentation (Gernot Starke und Ralf Müller)

Wie Diagramme in Architekturdokumentation nicht aussehen sollten, und worauf Sie achten sollten.

September 2017.