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Gernot Starke (INNOQ Fellow) is a coach and consultant for software architecture, (co)founder of arc42.org, founder of aim42.org and founding member of iSAQB (International Software Architecture Qualification Board). He has worked on the design and implementation of medium and large-scale systems for organizations in various sectors, mainly in finance, insurance, automotive, logistics, and telecommunications. He has also written many books on software architecture and patterns.

Peter Hruschka is a partner of Atlantic Systems Guild. Together with Tom DeMarco, Tim Lister, Steve McMenamin, Suzanne and James Robertson he has been working for many years to make system and software development more transparent, effective, pragmatic and therefore more successful.

He is a founding member of the iSAQB (International Software Architecture Qualification Board) and the IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) and (together with Gernot) the initiator of the arc42 initiative.

Read more at systemsguild.eu, b-agile.de und req42.de

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Ralf D. Müller is a Solutions Architect and an ambitious Grails developer. He is continually trying to simplify his work. Currently, his main concern is improving the holistic documentation of projects. He achieves this especially with the help of the arc42 template and docs-as-code approach. He maintains the arc42-generator which generates various formats of the arc42 template from a single AsciiDoc master. The generator was the basis for the docToolchain project.

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